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Basis to control your kart

  • use accel and brake with measure
  • to take a tight turn, think about slowing down
  • even a short drift make your kart faster, too it make it bounce to 1 tick (1 meter if you go at 1m/s) FIXME
  • you can slow down your kart while drifting
  • be aware, look at the map

Training tips

  • Train alone in solo mode or in local network, before going online
  • To enhance kart control : try to achieve challenge in story modes (Math class in SuperTux mode is a good start)
  • To enhance ball control : train alone by pushing the ball to the goal, and saving the ball; dribble, imagine studs to avoid with the ball

Soccer Techniques

Choosing your kart

Choosing kart is a personal choice, it depends on your affect, gender, and opinions. Sadly, not all karts are well designed to practice soccer mode. For example, there is no female gendered mascot light kart with a clear bounding box.

If you have talents to redesign a kart, submit it to STK community. Too, if you studied the subject hard, you can fill the page Better karts for SuperTuxKart.

Kart statistics

Good characteristic for racing, is to have a the smallest bounding box, while the opposite is true for soccer.

Table below reveal these characteristics. Box column indicate the bounding box is easy or not to guess.

Biggest kart are indicated with bold, smallest with italic.

Name Length Width Height Easy HitBox Mass Boost Brake Nitro Explosion time
Wilber 1.71 0.84 0.87 yes 210 *1 15 +180 / max +4.5 / 1 1.5
Sara the racer 1.44 0.82 0.67 small, don't look at wheels 210 *1 15 +180 / max +4.5 / 1 1.5
Hexley 1.61 0.61 0.86 yes 210 *1 15 +180 / max +4.5 / 1 1.5
Kiki 1.23 0.86 0.97 no, you a have to image a front bumper 210 *1 15 +180 / max +4.5 / 1 1.5
Adiumy 0.94 0.85 0.77 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Emule 1.14 0.62 0.73 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Gavroche 1.27 0.77 0.61 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Gnu 1.34 0.77 0.94 no, things can go under the carpet 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Konqi 1.58 0.93 0.85 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Nolok 1.41 0.72 0.64 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Sara the wizard 1.22 0.5 0.95 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Suzanne 1.40 0.93 0.64 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Tux 1.43 0.82 0.67 yes 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Xue 1.44 1 0.94 no, smaller hitbox than the kart 262.5 *0.8 12 +225 / max +5 / 1.25 1.2
Amanda 1.47 1.11 0.76 yes 350 *0.6 9 +300 / max +5.5 / 1.67 0.9
Beastie 1.49 0.83 0.84 yes 350 *0.6 9 +300 / max +5.5 / 1.67 0.9
Pidgin 1.24 0.78 0.62 yes 350 *0.6 9 +300 / max +5.5 / 1.67 0.9
Puffy 1.57 1.10 0.62 yes 350 *0.6 9 +300 / max +5.5 / 1.67 0.9

Some kart hitboxes are more difficult to “see” due to the kart's shape, these include :

  • Kiki
  • Gnu
  • Xue
Light Karts

Light karts are the bests to be reactive. Therefore, for soccer, it is the most popular choice. Note that all front shapes are globally the same : a box with chamfer (angle cut) on edges.

Heavy and medium karts

Heavy and medium karts have one advantage on light ones : the max speed. Too, it can easier push other karts.

The counterpart is : heavier is the kart, slower is the start, therefore you need more nitro.

Control your kart


Skidding is a mechanic that helps you steer harsher, but it also gives you skid boosts whenever you do it for a certain amount of time, requiring atleast one second to trigger the yellow boost, and three seconds to get a red boost. You should try to skid very often to keep momentum around the field, don't forget about positioning however!

Skidding: Advanced

Skidding is great, but when combined with nitro, it's even better. Whenever you're about to skid boost, just before you end the drift, tap nitro once, and then after you skid boost, the speed will build up fast.

You can skid while you dribble the ball, you can even steer the ball while drifting, as long as you control your speed. To do this, stand a bit to the side of the ball you want to use, then, skid into the ball while keeping yourself straight, by holding the opposite direction. If you want to steer it for example, if you're standing aside to the ball, let go of the accelerator or gently tap the brakes and then steer yourself with the ball. You can also skid while carrying the ball through a wallride, and also combine that with nitro…or even use a red skid if possible, which is even faster.

You can use skidding to kick the ball ahead of you as it ricochetes off a wall, or if it's coming towards you, and keep your extra speed with you, just remember to adjust yourself well after the skid and kick. You can use this angular kick to even pass to teammates who aren't being targeted by opponents, or even score nasty goals…well, goals in general.

Using reverse

Usually players use reverse to aim back to action after a missed shot or when hitting a wall, but sometimes using reverse is crucial to keep the ball “on your side”. Take this example: You dribbled the ball onto a wall, attempted a pinch but failed, but the ball did ricochet. Here, you could use your backwards camera to hit the ball using reverse, as the acceleration with reverse is pretty good, you might be able to push the ball before an opponent does. Another example is when you're being a goalie. Believe it or not but reverse is lowkey a good way to defend if you know what you are doing, don't do this if you have a bowling ball, however.

Team Pinching

Although it's not used very frequently, this trick is quite the boomer. Requiring two players, one must stand aside to the ball and aim at where they want the pinch to go, while the other must pinch the ball against the static player. Pretty useful for surprise shots without the need of using walls, it's also a bit less predictable as of right now as it isn't used at all.

Using your opponents to pinch

A more used method, this is good to catch your opponent off guard whenever they are trying to steal the ball. All you have to do is to be a bit to the side as they try to take the ball, make sure you have the right angle for the pinch, and watch the ball get flinged. Another way to do this is to dribble the ball right to your opponent and using them to pinch, often works with nitro campers.

Letting your teammates have the ball

Classic teamwork is very important in soccer, although many, many don't do such thing and want the ball all for themselves, so here are things you should do:

If you are coming towards the ball but see a teammate with a better angle already going for it, don't cross paths or interfer.

Whenever you're going to the opponent's side, don't follow directly behind your teammate who has the ball, or either grind yourself against their dribble area.

If you see a teammate letting you have the ball in the middle of the play area, don't ignore it like it's nothing, ballchase isn't good either.

If you see a teammate going for the corner, go for the middle area as they might want to make a pass play, hit opponents if possible.

If you seem to be blocking the way in a grouped area with the ball and one of your teammates surely can go through with it, you can use the reset button to let them dribble away (backspace by default). You can also reset to avoid accidental blocking or own goaling, situational.

Nitro Economy

Tapping once and holding nitro gives you the same amount of boost, therefore to keep as much nitro as possible, you shouldn't hold the nitro button at all, racers do this as well.

Ball statistics

Map Type Mass Restitution Friction
Icy Soccer Field Puck 20 0.6 0.5
Soccer Field Ball 20 0.6
Another Soccer Field Ball 20 0.6
Egypt Ball 20 0.6
Experimental Plane - Field 1 Ball 20 0.6
Experimental Plane - Field 2 Puck 20 0.6 0.5
Experimental Plane - Field 3 Ball 20 0.6
Forest Ball 20 0.6
Zen Ball 20 0.6
Hole Drop Puck 20 0.6 0.5
Las Dunas Soccer Ball 20 0.3
Cosmic Ball 5 0.6
Tournament Field Puck 20 0.6 0.5
Nitro Soccer Field Heavy Ball 150 0.99 0.7
Math Class Toy Ball 20 0.8
Database Holo Puck 20 0.6 0.5

Restitution is the bouncing factor. A ball with a restitution > 1 will end in clouds. No restitution means no bouncing or wall ricocheting whatsoever.

Friction is the way the shock with the kart is converted in puck rotation (instead of pushing the ball away).

Moving with ball

If your speed vector is different from the one of the ball, it will produce a shock that will push the ball in the direction defined by :

  • the angle of the contact surface
  • the ball speed vector
  • the friction (icy map)

Ball control

To control the ball, you shall have the same speed and almost same direction.

If you have to change the direction of the ball in a short time: be at 1meter behind the ball with a 30deg angle and make a short drift.

As stated previously, you can also use skidding to control the ball, although it's kinda show off, but it'll grant you a speed boost. Always control your speed when skid-dribbling for the best efficiency of it.

Contributing tips

diff --git a/src/karts/kart_properties.cpp b/src/karts/kart_properties.cpp
index 11b59eec0..31b813000 100644
--- a/src/karts/kart_properties.cpp
+++ b/src/karts/kart_properties.cpp
@@ -610,7 +610,15 @@ float KartProperties::getAccelerationEfficiency() const
 /** Returns the name of this kart. */
 core::stringw KartProperties::getName() const
-    return _(m_name.c_str());
+    core::stringw ret = _(m_name.c_str());
+    ret +=  " ";
+    ret +=  int(m_kart_model->getLength()*100);
+    ret +=  " (l) x ";
+    ret +=  int(m_kart_model->getWidth()*100);
+    ret +=  " (w) x ";
+    ret +=  int(m_kart_model->getHeight()*100);
+    ret +=  " (h) cm";
+    return ret;
 }   // getName
 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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