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Advanced settings

Here a list of settings, that are hidden from Gui (because STK team didn't already decided how to show it, or because it is not desired).

Note : here is used same file organization that in section explaining how to compile latest version of STK

in user config

Location : ~/.config/supertuxkart/config-0.10/config.xml

This is your personal settings, partially editable from option screen in STK.

* reverse-look-use-soccer-cam : change “false” to “true” to activate the ball camera on pressing the key that usually allow to look back. (there is a gui for that now)

* Spectator : set here the position of the camera, for both the spectator camera modes (what you see when press accelerator key while spectating)

* artist debug mode : a specific option for kart and track designers.

* GFX : you can disable here Easter ear and Christmas mode

in game config

global settings

Location : ~/games/stk-assets/stk_config.xml ( or in /usr/share/games/supertuxkart/data/stk_config.xml)

* camera settings : set up the fov (camera wide angle). A reasonable fov is between 50 and 115. (obsolete behaviour)

kart settings

Location : ~/games/stk-assets/kart_characteristics.xml or in /usr/share/games/supertuxkart/data/kart_characteristics.xml)

* camera settings : set up camera position relative to the kart (obsolete behaviour)

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