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Shortcuts and strategies for all tracks

Below you will find strategies and shortcuts for all standard tracks.

Antediluvian Abyss

There are no special strategies or shortcuts.

Around the Lighthouse

There are no special strategies or shortcuts.

Black Forest

Strategies: To get the best times, you should take the left way at the first set of alternate paths, the railway (see below) and the right way at the second set of alternate paths. The current World Record shows this very well:


  • Description: After the first set of alternate paths ended, you can go to the right on the railway.
  • Saves: ca. 1 second
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: It's the best possible route, so it's usually worth taking it. Pay attention to the train though, it can hit you.

Through the tree trunk

  • Description: First set of alternate paths, right way. There is a tree trunk you can drive through and get some nitro.
  • Saves: very little
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: It's a cool thing which can give you some extra nitro. Not required to take it though.

Candela City

Strategies: At the part where you can drive right or left (after the first two curves, the “market”), you should start out on the right side. When you see a nitro can in the middle, grab it and switch to the left side.

Cocoa Temple

Strategies: The alternate paths are quite unbalanced here. The best route is taking the right path (main path) in the first set of alternate routes and the right one (with the jump) in the second one. In reverse, best is doing the jumping between alternate paths (see below). Also see these videos, the current World Records, for the best routes: normal direction; reverse

Zipper cut

  • Description: Right after the alternate paths come together to the main path, there is a little cut down on the left. If you take it, it gives you nitro and a zipper.
  • Saves: 0.5 - 1 second
  • Difficulty: middle
  • Comments: You can fail this one quite easily. Though usually it's worth taking it, especially if you took the left alternate path.

Jumping between alternate paths

  • Description: This is both possible in reverse and normal direction. You start driving one of the alternate paths, but then jump to the other one.
  • Saves: Different, read Comments.
  • Difficulty: middle
  • Comments: It's not very useful to do the jump cut in normal direction as it doesn't really save time. In reverse though it's best to do this jump, it can save much time, usually about 1.5 - 2 seconds.

Cornfield Crossing

There are no special strategies or shortcuts.

Fort Magma

Strategies: The two alternate paths at the end are very balanced. The right path is a bit easier as you don't have to change your skidding direction.

Gran Paradiso Island

Strategies: You should do the jump here to take the shorter way. See here for good execution or see below for an even better one which is only possible at high speed and with very high skill.

Bridge jump

  • Description: Only possible with a zipper, high skill and high speed. You skip a part of the wooden bridge (the way faster alternate path) by driving longer than usual until you start the jump.
  • Saves: 1.5 - 2 seconds
  • Difficulty: very hard
  • Comments: Don't do this in an online race unless you are a very pro and have a zipper.

Nitro path

  • Description: When the two alternate paths come together again, turn left to take this way to get 2 big nitros.
  • Saves: nothing
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: It's definitely not worth doing it unless you really need nitro, as there are two big nitros.


Strategies: Taking the ramp at the beginning isn't worth doing it usually as you can fail easily here.


Strategies: At the part where the road splits in a “giftbox-way” and a “nitro-way”, you should decide differently each time. In speedruns or time trial races of course the nitro way is faster though. For shortcuts see below.

Before the mill

  • Description: Before you drive through the windmill, turn right and cut over the grass.
  • Saves: ca. 1 second
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: You have to pay attention that you drive on the grass at the right moment. If you try to take it too early or too late, you might fail because the stones are too high there to drive over.

Tunnel skip

  • Description: Before you go into the tunnel, turn right and go down the stairs until you come to the Little bridge before the very sharp turn.
  • Saves: differs, but usually not very much
  • Difficulty: very hard
  • Comments: This shortcut probably is one of the hardest in the whole game. Usually it's not worth taking it, but it's a very cool challenge to try to do it and can be helpful if you trained it very, very much before.

Nessie's Pond

There are no special strategies or shortcuts.

Northern Resort

There are no special strategies or shortcuts.

Old Mine

Strategies: Pay Attention for the minekart and the green and red lights there.

Corner cut

  • Description: You can cut the last turn before the minekart.
  • Saves: ca. 0.3 - 0.5 seconds
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: It doesn't save too much time, but it's definitely worth doing it. Pay attention that you activate the next checkline after the curve.

Oliver's Math Class

Strategies: No alternate paths, see below for shortcuts.

Under the chairs

  • Description: Turn left after the second turn so that you drive under the chairs.
  • Saves: 1 - 1.5 seconds
  • Difficulty: middle
  • Comments: Usually it's worth taking it, though with many players it can be very chaotic in the cut. It also requires some training to get the right feeling for getting into it.

Ravenbridge Mansion

Strategies: You should take the upper path here, if you go down the hole, you'll be way slower.

Before the bridge

  • Description: After the banana - big nitro - banana row and before the bridge you can go left and jump over stones, get a big nitro and a zipper boost.
  • Saves: max. 1 second
  • Difficulty: middle
  • Comments: This cut requires some training. If you fail, you will be resetted to the start of the cut so it's quite risky. By possibly getting a big nitro and the zipper boost it's still worth taking this shortcut.

Shifting Sands

Strategies: Take the way with the wooden bridge into the pyramid as it is faster.

Snow Peak

Strategies: You may think that you can cut Corners here, but that's not true. The only Corner cut you could do is this one.

STK Enterprise

Strategies: At the beginning, try to choose the path where there are less players driving - usually the right one. When the paths split again (the part with the cubes), take the right one and switch to the left one while getting a big nitro in the middle path.

Volcan Island

Strategies: At the beginning rather take the right part and switch to the left one or begin left and stay there by cutting through the grass.

Stone cut

  • Description: Head left on the straightaway with bananas before passing the volcano and use the stone on the left as a ramp. Drive in the air across part of the volcano and land on the road below.
  • Saves: pretty much time
  • Difficulty: very hard
  • Comments: This cut probably is the hardest cut of all cuts in the whole game. Only take it after you trained it very much, if you have a zipper and a high level.


Strategies: Where the road splits, it's a bit faster to take the right way. For more information about this part of the track see below.


  • Description: Where the road splits (where you can drive the right or the left way), you can cut the sharp turn by jumping. It is faster and easier if you do it on the right side.
  • Saves: usually a bit more than 1 second
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Comments: This cut requires very much training. If you feel save with it, you can take the risk by doing it; if you are not sure whether you will succeed, you can also go the safe way.

At the end

  • Description: After the last curve you can go over the sand.
  • Saves: ca. 0.3 seconds
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: It's only a bit faster, so not required to be done.

Zen Garden

Strategies: There are no alternate paths here. See below for shortcuts.

Before the bridge

  • Description: You can skip the curve before the bridge by driving through the forest.
  • Saves: 0.5 - 1 second
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Comments: It's nearly always worth taking that shortcut.
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