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Option to auto accelerate without pressing the key

“Auto-accelerate” is a feature activated by default in the game Mario Kart Tour on mobile; and available in Mario Kart 8 too

Why :

  • on mobile, current controls on small smart phone are not enough precise. Too, it is really unconfortable.

Just adding an option to always press auto forward reduce the number of keys to press.

  • on desktop, tired of continuously press on forward key

What does it change, when option is activated :

  • On race starting, you still have to press on accel key (for activating the startup boost or just start to go forward).
  • Once you have pressed the accel key in race, STK will accelerate by default: you will have to brake to reduce speed or to be static.

Pull Request :

Your opinion about auto-acceleration feature ?
SuperTuxKart Username Not interested I want it !
(would be nice to
be added officially)
I would use an unofficial
desktop version to use it
I would use an unofficial
mobile version to use it
I have some
(to discuss on discord)

About how do you use mobile version (or not)

What directionnal controller did you use in current mobile version ?
SuperTuxKart Username Steering wheel Gyroscope Keyboard (external) Gamepad (external) I'm not satisfied with existing choice
(too hard/complicated to use)
Current directional controls (on mobile) are good enough Other controls (nitro, items...) are good enough My mobile screen size is small*

Notes :

  • A small mobile screen would be under 12cm length.
  • classic control seems ok with larger screen 15cm x 7cm


  • find standard cheap mobile around the word (only media to play stk for some peoples) ? (try to ask George-Calibur ?)

Little trick

If you have xdotool on your Linux, you can copy the code below as a new script and use it with a keyboard shortcut to continuously press a key. Once the key is manually pressed the effect is removed.

# can be Up, Space, Enter, or any letter
while true; do
  STKPID=`pidof supertuxkart`
  STKWIN=`xdotool search --pid $STKPID`
  if [ "$STKWIN" ]; then
    xdotool keydown  --clearmodifiers --window $STKWIN $KEY
    wait $STKPID
  sleep 1

Other features that could interest you

Select the features (found in other karting games)
SuperTuxKart Username Smart Steering
a kind of auto pilot
to avoid to fall
items are automatically used
once it is usable (as IA does)
Touch drive
see Kevin's comment

Leave a comment here for new discussions

kevin, 2020/12/09 09:38

You should add TouchDrive as in Asphalt 9. It would be okay. Auto-Accel, Auto-Drive/Auto-Steer. As like Asphalt 9. I think they will complain us by copying them xD

kevin, 2020/12/09 09:39

Just try adding that.

kevin, 2020/12/19 14:53

TouchDrive means if we want to move to left swipe left. If you want to move to right swipe right also some icons would be visible eg. 3 icons, 1 nitro icon/symbol, 2 straight way, 3 right way etc. A another circle would be visible to indicate what icon you using eg. if you're on 1 icon and you want to go to right way swipe twice to right you can to right way. For going straight swipe right once. If you want to go to left dont do anything as the icon is indicating to go to left. Its main usage is swiping. For skidding/drifting we have to press anywhere in the left side. For nitro press anywhere on the right side. Althogh its auto-steer/auto-accel But idont think it would be more useful for SuperTuxKart. That means people who want to skid while ongoing race it maybe or may not be easy. Also you can search YouTube for “Asphalt 9 TouchDrive” so you may find how it is played

kevin, 2020/12/20 12:51, 2020/12/24 13:52

Ok the YouTube link for an example of TouchDrive look here

luffah, 2020/12/20 15:13

Personally not convinced about TouchDrive but i didn't studied the case for people having only One Hand free to play.

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