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Welcome to February 2021 STK Soccer tournament!

Congratulations to February 2021 Soccer Tournament champions Team A: FMWM, kimden, mimiz, Zckrfrk, and special congratulations to mimiz for being the top scorer.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Current results and currently planned next matches.

This tournament was played in February 2021.
Kindly organized by FabianF and kimden.

1 Registration and Players

Registration is closed!

There are 4 teams consisting of 4 players.

1.1 Notable changes to the rules

  • If both teams have all 4 players present, they can play the game 4 vs 4 if both teams agree.

Number of players in a team and in a game, the formats of tournament and matches are not changed.

1.2 Players

  1. Zckrfrk
  2. mimiz
  3. GUILL
  4. uomosenzanome
  5. bananenfisch
  6. Wuzzy
  7. FabianF
  8. LLS
  9. BigDB
  10. qxel
  11. dbisu
  12. NickerAban
  13. kimden
  14. EliaK-Art
  15. FMWM
  16. takos

1.3 Substitute players

If you register too late or you won't have enough time to play, you will still be able register as a substitute player. Please specify that fact during the registration.

  1. KeViN008
  2. Waldlaubsaengernest
  3. ilya_trukhin
  4. CrystalTheEevee

2 General

Share these links with others: (redirect)

Discord server for the tournaments

Prediction game

The winners of the last tournament which was played in December 2020 are elvirolo, FabianF, LLS, TheRocker, who won all matches for Team D.

You can find the chatbox at the bottom of this page. Also the polls can be found below.

3 Teams

Teams will be generated after the registration is closed.

Every team can choose a custom teamname by editing this page or telling organizers about their teamname.

Team Custom Teamname Members
Team A FMWM kimden mimiz Zckrfrk
Team B dbisu EliaK-Art LLS uomosenzanome
Team C bananenfisch FabianF NickerAban Wuzzy
Team D BigDB GUILL takos qxel

4 Tournament overview

In this tournament, every team will play two matches each against all other teams.

4.1 Tables

4.1.1 Current Table

4.1.2 Crosstab

Team A B C D Points Games
A X 2:1
13:4 (+9) 14:6 (+8)
B 1:2
X 2:1
12:6 (+6) 9:9 (+0)
C 0:3
X 2:1
6:12 (-6) 8:11 (-3)
D 2:1
X 4:13 (-9) 7:12 (-5)

4.2 Results

4.3 Rankings

4.3.1 Scorers list

This list shows the number of goals scored by each player.

The best scorer of the previous tournament was monk.

*Substitute player

4.3.2 Player rankings

A more complex soccer player ranking can be found here.

5 Scheduling

To set the matches, we need to know when you can play. Your general availibility is known because of the filled registration form. In case one of the planned macth dates doesn't work for you or your general schedule changes, you can tell us in person finding us on Discord, in the chat of this page, in STK online, etc.

Information about availability is finalized 24h before the match start, if you confirmed your participation before this time and were not present during the match, your match won't be rescheduled.

Pay attention: All times are in UTC!

This should help you convert the time correctly: Time zone converter.

Please use the chat on this page and the discussions if you want to say something about the matches scheduling, or contact organizers wherever.

6 Rules

Short rules - in case you want a brief description.

FULL RULES - should be used in case of doubt.

7 Polls

Polls were closed before the registration started. The winning option (with Discord votes taken into account) is highlighted. Players were allowed to vote for several options.

7.1 Teams

A) Each team has 4 players, but at most 3 play in each game (as before).

B) Each team has 4 players, but at most 3 play in each game, but a different player has to pause in each of the 3 games of the match.

C) Each team has 3 players, incomplete teams are filled with subs if possible, even in 2vs2 case.

D) Each team has 3 players, incomplete teams are not filled with subs and the game is played 2vs2 or rescheduled.

Teams policy in February tournament
SuperTuxKart Username (A) 4 (B) 4 + different (C) 3 + subs (D) 3 + 2v2
Final result:4432
This poll has been closed.

Results: A - 10, B - 6, C - 7, D - 4.

7.2 Kicking high ping players

A) Kick players with 200ms+ ping

B) Don't kick

High ping policy in February tournament
SuperTuxKart Username (A) Kick (B) Don't kick
Final result:15
This poll has been closed.

Results: A - 4, B - 13.

7.3 Fourth player substitution

If there are 4 players per team:

A) Any player (of 4) who doesn't come to the match should be also substituted for balanced rotation (Note that it is possible only in the case there are enough substitutes of the required level).

B) Leave it as it was.

If there are 4-player teams, should we sub all players?
SuperTuxKart Username (A) Yes, everyone is subbed (B) No
Final result:23
This poll has been closed.

Results: A - 3, B - 11.

7.4 Four-vs-four games

If there are 4 players per team, and there are 8 players present on the match:

A) The game must be played 4vs4.

B) The game can be played 4vs4 if both teams agree; otherwise the game is played 3vs3.

C) The game must be played 3vs3 (as before).

4 vs 4 games in February tournament
SuperTuxKart Username (A) Enforce 4vs4 (B) Teams can choose 4vs4 (C) Enforce 3vs3
Final result:062
This poll has been closed.

Results: A - 6, B - 10, C - 4.

7.5 Arena choice

A) Teams choose all arenas in-game, all 3 arenas are different (as before)

B) The first game is played on Icy Soccer Field, the arenas of the second and third game are chosen only by the first and the second team respectively. Note that the team which doesn't choose the arena in games 2 or 3 must install the arena suggested by their rivals. Also note that only approved addons can be chosen, and Icy Soccer Field cannot be chosen.

Arenas choice in February tournament
SuperTuxKart Username (A) 3 different arenas chosen in-game (B) Icy + teams force their arenas in games 2 and 3
Final result:22
This poll has been closed.

Results: A - 10, B - 5.

8 Chat

To use chat on this page:

  • Log in.
  • Look at the number aside chat button. This is the number of users connected to the chatroom.
  • Click on the chat button.

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