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Welcome to August STK Soccer tournament!

This tournament will be mainly played in August 2020, starting from the end of July.
Kindly organized by FabianF and kimden.

Congratulations to August Soccer Tournament champions Team C: monk, qxel, dbisu, grostman07, winning all matches!

1 Registration and Players

Registration is closed, but you can still register as a substitute player. Visit the registration form.

You will need to provide a token to prove this is your account, for that you need to come to any Frankfurt server and invoke /token command. Remember the token and paste it in the form.

There will be 5 teams, each consisting of 4 players, while at most 3 can play at once.

1.1 Notable changes to the rules

  • The server should be open for testing before the start of the match, and if players do not complain during the testing and press the ready button, the game is on and won’t be stopped.
  • Players that use the same device or network or share the same IP should tell the organizers about it beforehand during the registration, and in case they share the same device they should provide a fair plan of actions in case their teams need to play with each other (or they appear to be in the same team).
  • Players choose the played arena before each game, the only requirement is that the arenas played in games 1-2-3 must be different.

1.2 Players

Registered players:

  1. mimiz ✔
  2. elvirolo ✔
  3. uomosenzanome ✔
  4. dbisu ✔
  5. EliaK-Art ✔
  6. Waldlaubsaengernest ✔
  7. Typhon306 ✔
  8. monk ✔
  9. qxel ✔
  10. FabianF ✔
  11. mahmoudtark25 ✔
  12. Zckrfrk ✔
  13. ilya_trukhin ✔
  14. Hugh-Morey ✔
  15. bananenfisch ✔
  16. grostman07 ✔
  17. BigDB ✔
  18. z_sk ✔
  19. kimden ✔
  20. i386DX ✔

1.3 Substitute players

If you are late for registration or you don't have enough time to play, you can still register as a substitute player. Please specify that fact in the registration form.

  1. Samurai-Goroh108 ✔
  2. Isnogood ✔
  3. Haenschen ✔
  4. bodicelu ✔
  5. CrystalTheEevee ✔

2 General

Share these links with others:, (redirects)

Discord server for the tournaments

Prediction game

The winners of the last tournament which was played in June are ThatsMySchmidt, Frodo88 and majomox.

You will find the chatbox at the bottom of this page. Also the polls can be found below.

3 Teams

Teams are generated after the registration is closed.

Team Custom Teamname Members
A Watzzmann z_sk Waldlaubsaengernest Typhon306 Zckrfrk
B Big-Organizers-Art EliaK-Art FabianF BigDB kimden
C Monelisu07 monk qxel grostman07 dbisu
D i686QX bananenfisch ilya_trukhin Hugh-Morey i386DX
E Yohan Cruyff mimiz mahmoudtark25 uomosenzanome elvirolo

4 Tournament overview

The tournament is played all vs all, that means all teams have to play exactly one match against all others.

4.1 Results

# Match Date Referee(s) Result Winner Server Video Notes
1.1 A vs B Tuesday August 4th
18h00 UTC
Haenschen 6-3
Las Dunas
B Frankfurt here
1.2 C vs D Monday August 3rd
17h45 UTC
kimden 14-5
C Frankfurt here (1)
2.1 D vs B Saturday August 8th
17h45 UTC
monk 5-13
B Frankfurt no video? (2)
2.2 C vs E Friday August 7th
18h00 UTC
kimden 15-10
C Frankfurt here (3)
3.1 D vs E Friday August 14th
17h45 UTC
kimden 12-1
D Frankfurt here (4)
3.2 C vs A Thursday August 13th
17h45 UTC
kimden 17-4
C Frankfurt here (5)
4.1 E vs B Sunday August 23rd
18h00 UTC
- 3-7
B Frankfurt soon
4.2 A vs D Tuesday August 18th
17h45 UTC
D Frankfurt here
5.1 E vs A Saturday August 22nd
17h45 UTC
FabianF 11-4
E Frankfurt here
5.2 B vs C Tuesday August 25th
19h00 UTC
- 6-10
Las Dunas
C Netherlands soon


  1. In game 1, Isnogood substituted missing Team D members.
  2. Match was held 2 vs 2.
  3. CrystalTheEevee substituted missing Team E members.
  4. Isnogood substituted missing Team E members.
  5. In game 3, Isnogood substituted missing Team C members.

4.2 Tables

4.2.1 Current Table

1C12:0 (+12)12:2 (+10)133:77 (+56)
2B9:3 (+6)8:5 (+3)102:74 (+28)
3D6:6 (+0)6:6 (+0)101:100 (+1)
4E3:9 (-6)3:10 (-7)68:107 (-39)
5A0:12 (-12)3:9 (-6)66:115 (-49)

4.2.2 Crosstab

Team A B C D E Points Games
A X 1:2 0:3 1:2 1:2 0:12 (-12) 3:9 (-6)
B 2:1 X 1:3 2:1 3:0 9:3 (+6) 8:5 (+3)
C 3:0 3:1 X 3:0 3:1 12:0 (+12) 12:2 (+10)
D 2:1 1:2 0:3 X 3:0 6:6 (+0) 6:6 (+0)
E 2:1 0:3 1:3 0:3 X 3:9 (-6) 3:10 (-7)

4.3 Rankings

4.3.1 Scorers list

This list shows the number of goals scored by each player.

Player Team Played games Goals
monk C 12 97
bananenfisch D 11 50
i386DX D 12 41
mimiz E 9 38
FabianF B 10 34
kimden B 10 33
Waldlaubsaengernest A 10 24
z_sk A 8 21
EliaK-Art B 6 19
dbisu C 12 18
BigDB B 7 16
Typhon306 A 8 11
Isnogood* CDE 5 10
CrystalTheEevee* E 3 9
qxel C 9 9
ilya_trukhin D 9 8
Zckrfrk A 10 8
mahmoudtark25 E 4 6
elvirolo E 6 6
grostman07 C 2 5
uomosenzanome E 11 5
Hugh-Morey D 0 0

*Substitute player

4.3.2 Player rankings

A more complex soccer player ranking can be found here.

5 Scheduling

Please fill out this poll responsibly. Information is finalized 12h before the match start, if you confirmed your participation before this time and were not present during the match, your match won't be rescheduled.

Pay attention: All times are in UTC! This should help you convert the time correctly: Time zone converter. Please use the chat on this page and the discussions if you want to say something about the matches scheduling, or contact organizers wherever. In any case, please fill the poll.

:!: To be able to fill this poll, you'll need to login/register in the wiki first, or tell organizers the needed information so they can fill it for you.

5.1 Until August 9

The time interval has passed.

5.2 Between August 10 and August 21

The time interval has passed.

5.3 August 22 and after

The time interval has passed.

6 Rules

Please visit Rules Page.

7 Polls

Polls held before this tournament, partly in Discord.

Which days can you play? - August Part 1
Wed July 29thThu July 30thFri July 31stSat Aug 1stSun Aug 2ndMon Aug 3rdTue Aug 4thWed Aug 5thThu Aug 6thFri Aug 7thSat Aug 8thSun Aug 9th
currently no entries
Which days can you play? - August Part 2
Mon Aug 10thTue Aug 11thWed Aug 12thThu Aug 13thFri Aug 14thSat Aug 15thSun Aug 16thMon Aug 17thTue Aug 18thWed Aug 19thThu Aug 20thFri Aug 21st
currently no entries
Which days can you play? - August Part 3
Sat Aug 22ndSun Aug 23rdMon Aug 24thTue Aug 25thWed Aug 26thThu Aug 27thFri Aug 28thSat Aug 29thSun Aug 30thMon Aug 31st
currently no entries

8 Chat

To use chat on this page:

  • Log in.
  • Look at the number aside chat button. This is the number of users connected to the chatroom.
  • Click on the chat button.

9 Leave a comment here for new discussions

z_sk, 2020/07/20 14:37

Why we use token? Can we use easy-like style - on server /register TOURNAMENT and server (program) save new registration to file and auto-update wiki.

kimden, 2020/07/21 15:36

We need to know contact info and when people can play, which can be not comfortable to fill on a server, especially when there are other players who want to play and not wait.

z_sk, 2020/07/21 18:54

Where is the problem? We can have 2 step registration - with /register and then continue on web.

kimden, 2020/07/21 21:05, 2020/07/21 21:28

Thanks for suggestions, but we won't change something that is already actively used. If you feel you know better what to do, you can either wait until the next tournament or (if you are not patient like now) organize yours.

Besides, you have no relation to organizing this tournament, or even participating or registering in it. If something makes your registration or participation not comfortable, you should provide arguments why is this not comfortable. If you don't plan to be involved in it at all, I prefer to not consider your suggestions without proper argument because in the worst case they will make life more annoying for 20+ players.

bodicelu, 2020/07/27 12:29

You can make a 6th team from reserves. Three from 6 will be probably allways disponible :-)

z_sk, 2020/07/28 20:50, 2020/07/28 23:02

Can you always (here, name of server, in emails) use the international date record? If necessary, then use the name of the day before the international format?

Example right (YYYY-DD-MM):

Tuesday 2020-07-28

Many countries use different date formats, so it's nice to learn that if I don't use my own of my contry, then I use another - international.

FabianF, 2020/07/28 21:52

We'll think about it, thanks for suggesting!

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