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Welcome to May STK Soccer tournament!

:!: Make sure to vote here about some suggestions for the June Tournament!: You can also already register for the June Tournament there!

Plan for the next matches

:!: To competitors: make sure to fill the poll. Also visit tournament overview.

The tournament is finished:

Rank Team Points Games Goals
1 A 8:2 (+6) 12:4 (+8) 153:102 (+51)
2 F 6:4 (+2) 9:6 (+3) 107:95 (+12)
3 E 6:4 (+2) 8:7 (+1) 101:112 (-11)
4 B 4:6 (-2) 7:8 (-1) 104:104 (+0)
5 D 4:6 (-2) 6:10 (-4) 85:99 (-14)
6 C 2:8 (-6) 4:11 (-7) 75:118 (-43)

1. Registration/Players

Type your name here to be part of the tournament (edit).

:!: You first have to register on the wiki (use your STK player name as Real Name) here: registration.

Registration were closed when there were 18 players. There are 6 teams, each consisting of 3 players.

:!: You can still register to be substitute player. Please do it in case you can play sometimes, it can happen that a team doesn't have enough players in a match. :!:

1.1 Players

  • CrystalTheEevee :-/ (?)
  • r⚽ml LOL
  • monk 8-O
  • shamuei m(
  • outch mimiz
  • b🔘dicelu 🐭
  • Isnogood∗
  • q xel 8-)
  • remihb 🤔
  • Maschi22 🤘
  • Ghost_Rider (^_^)
  • Ubuntu-Spieler
  • elvirolo
  • mahmoudtark25
  • riso (O___O)o
  • FabianF
  • bananenfisch
  • TheRocker ψ

1.2 Substitute players

If there are more people who want to join, they can be substitute players. If you are interested, register here:

  • mimiz
  • Waldlaubsaengernest
  • Courbe
  • epicni66a
  • Hyd3L

2. General

Share this link with others:

Discord server for the tournaments: SuperTuxKart Tournament server

This tournament will be played in May 2020.
Kindly organized by FabianF and kimden.

The winners of the last tournament which was played in April are roml, Ubuntu-Spieler and Isnogood.

You will find the chatbox at the bottom of this page. Also the polls can be found below.

3. Teams

Teams were generated randomly on 27 April 14:30 by FabianF.

Team Custom Teamname Members
A FaBaMo monk, FabianF, bananenfisch
B SUMO Ubuntu-Spieler, mahmoudtark25, riso
C lol_riderzZz rOml, elvirolo, Ghost_Rider
D ShamMiGood m( shamuei, mimiz [substituted outchoutchou May 6th and later], Isnogood
E Addon Kickers CrystalTheEevee, Maschi22, TheRocker
F BoQxeR remihb, bodicelu, qxel

4. Tournament overview

Click here to find the PASSWORD of your tournament server.

# Match Date Referee(s) Result Winner Arena Server Video Notes
1.1 A vs F Saturday, May 2nd
17h00 UTC
Isnogood 10-6 12-0 16-5 A Soccer Field Frankfurt here (1)
1.2 B vs E Sunday, May 3rd
17h40 UTC
8-7 7-8 5-6 E Soccer Field Frankfurt here
1.3 D vs C Tuesday, May 5th
18h00 UTC
FabianF 5-8 4-6 4-7 C Soccer Field Bretagne here
2.1 F vs B Saturday, May 9th
17h20 UTC
kimden 7-8 6-1 7-6 F Soccer Field Frankfurt (1,2)
Bretagne (3)
2.2 C vs A Wednesday, May 6th
18h00 UTC
bodicelu 6-13 10-5 7-8 A Soccer Field Bretagne here (2)
2.3 E vs D Tuesday, May 12th
18h00 UTC
bananenfisch 7-10 2-5 12-5 D Egypt Frankfurt here (3)
3.1 C vs F Tuesday, May 19th
18h00 UTC
Isnogood 1-21 2-7 6-7 F Soccer Field Bretagne here (4)
3.2 D vs B Saturday, May 16th
17h20 UTC
CrystalTheEevee 11-3 7-3 8-4 D Egypt Frankfurt here
3.3 A vs E Wednesday, May 13th
18h00 UTC
14-6 15-2 15-10 A Zen Frankfurt here
4.1 F vs D Monday, May 4th
17h00 UTC
monk 8-7 7-2 7-4 F Soccer Field Bretagne here
4.2 E vs C Wednesday, May 20th
18h00 UTC
kimden 7-2 7-0 7-4 E Soccer Field Frankfurt ... sorry. (5)
4.3 B vs A Saturday, May 23rd
17h00 UTC
CrystalTheEevee 15-4 8-9 15-8 B Soccer Field Frankfurt here (6)
5.1 E vs F Wednesday, May 27th
17h00 UTC
Samurai-Goroh108 6-8 7-6 7-4 E Soccer Field Frankfurt here (7)
5.2 A vs D Monday, May 25th
18h30 UTC
Courbe 7-5 4-4 13-5 A Egypt Frankfurt here
5.3 C vs B Sunday, May 24th
17h00 UTC
FabianF 5-6 4-8 6-9 B Soccer Field Frankfurt here (8)


  1. remihb had lags, Courbe played game 3 instead. remihb is a dumb, he thought it was 2 winning rounds.
  2. Courbe played instead of elvirolo.
  3. Courbe played instead of mimiz.
  4. Courbe substituted rOml, Samurai-Goroh108 substituted elvirolo.
  5. Courbe substituted rOml, Hyd3L substituted CrystalTheEevee.
  6. All games played without monk and mahmoudtark25 because they were not present.
  7. Courbe substituted Maschi22, Hyd3L substituted remihb.
  8. Waldlaubsaengernest substituted mahmoudtark25, Courbe substituted rOml.

5. Scheduling

Please fill out this table responsibly. If a player has not canceled 12h before the appointment, but does later, his team must play with one player less or with a substitute player.

Pay attention to the timezones! This should help: Time zone converter Please use the chat and the discussions if you want to take about the matchs scheduling.

Soccer Tournament 2020/05
Saturday, May 23rdSunday, May 24thMonday, May 25thTuesday, May 26thWednesday, May 27thThursday, May 28thFriday, May 29th
currently no entries

6. Procedure of a game

Please read the rules carefully. There are some changes related to the server behaviour.

6.1 Server

The soccer-tournament option of server is used. So the server typically looks like this: Test. Or this: Actual game.

Tournament servers:

Please be there in time! All games should start without delays. In case a player is late, depending on the reasons, either it is okay and the game can start later or the game starts without this player or with substitute player. Anyway players can live join later if they are not substituted.

6.2 Referee

Each match has a referee (or several of them) who starts the game, spectates the match and decides what to do when there are unexpected situations like lags. More details are below.

6.3 Team colors

The first mentioned team in the game name (leftmost, e.g. in game “D vs B” team D) will play as the red team in the first game. The colors are swapped after the first game and are NOT swapped again before the third game, so the colors during the second and the third games are the same. Note that colors are changed automatically, see below.

6.4 Played arenas

The first and the third game are played on Icy Soccer Field. The second game is played on a different arena. This arena is determined by each player selecting an arena. Of course, teams can coordinate beforehand so that they choose the same arena. Note that arena restrictions are also applied automatically, see below.

To have more than one common field among the players, all players must have all three official soccer fields to enter the server. Thus, games held on addons are not guaranteed.

6.5 Limit

This tournament's games are played with time limit. Each game is played for 10 minutes unless there are unexpected situations causing it to pause or stop.

6.6 Rating

A match always consists of 3 games. Each game can result for a team with a victory, loss, or a draw. Winning a game gives a team 1 point into this match, a draw gives 1 point into this match to both teams. For example, if the games' results in a match are 7-7, 8-9, 2-2, then the match score is 2-3 since the second team won once and there were two draws. The team that has better match score wins the match. Note that there can be matches resulting in draws.

Then, the points are added into the overall table as follows: winning the match gives 2 points, and having a draw in a match gives 1 point. Note that the results of individual games contribute directly only to match result and not to the overall table's points. For the mentioned example, the second team gets 2 points into the overall table.

6.7 Referees' and players' actions

This section describes what will happen on a tournament-based modification of a soccer server which is used here.

The first player to join the server lobby should preferably be a referee of the match. This is not required if the players start the game when everyone is ready; but it is preferred.

Before the each game, one of referees should type /game to the chat once. Then a message should appear for all participants, indicating that the game number X starts. In case referees messed up (which shouldn't happen obviously), they can type /game X command to prepare the server for X-th game. Note that the /game command changes colors if rules tell so, there is no need (and no possibility) to change them manually. There should be a space between the command and the number of game if the number is provided.

Once the start button is pressed, players will proceed to the selection screen, where they will be able to choose their karts and a valid soccer field for the game (Icy for games 1 and 3, any other field for game 2). Note that spectators' installed fields do not affect possibility to select a field, so there is no need to go away to not affect the choice. Referees and spectators don't need to press ESC or do anything else, they stay in the lobby anyway. However, referees must spectate the match and take the decisions if necessary.

Some situations that require referees' decisions include:

  • Player(s) complaining on lags.
  • Player(s) deliberately or occasionally leaving the game and not returning to it within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Server's technical problems leading to any unintended situation such as: inability to start the game as the rules say, security violation, etc.
  • Player(s) complaining on referees' decisions of the current match.
  • Other situations.

Usual actions of referees in these cases:

  • Saving the current state of the game and resuming it later in normal conditions.
  • Restarting the game from scratch.
  • Rescheduling the game.

However, referees are free to take appropriate decisions.

Full set of referee commands:

  • /game [number] [duration = 10] - prepares number-th game for duration minutes. If number' is not specified, it increases by 1. Duration is an integer number.
  • /role (Player) (R|B|J|S) - gives player a role: R - player of initially red team, B - player of initially blue team, J - judge/referee, S - spectator. Role can be lowercase or precede username.
  • /kick (Player) - kicks player.
  • /kickban (Player) - kicks player and bans him.
  • /ban (Player) - only bans player. A shorter version of /kickban for the case the player is absent.
  • /unban (Player) - unbans player.

Note that bans given using the above commands are temporary, so they disappear after the server restarts and don't affect bans that existed before the server start.

6.8 Fair Play and Misbehaviour

All players should behave fairly and respectfully towards others. Misbehaviour includes things like insulting other players, the referee or the spectator, but also repeated public exclamations such as “Fuck”. If you want to complain about something (like a decision which was made), please say it in a gentle tone. However, if a player decides to misbehave, following actions can be taken:

6.8.1 Verbal warnings

The game's referee can give a verbal warning to a player in the event of easier misbehavior. This should include the reason the player was warned and that the next misbehavior could result in worse punishment.

6.8.2 Yellow card

If a player is noticed several times or strongly negative, the referee can show him a yellow card. The yellow card remains until the end of the tournament . A given yellow card will be checked by the tournament organizers after the match and can be withdrawn if seems incorrect.

6.8.3 Exclusion from the tournament/Red card

If, even after being shown the yellow card and being warned several times verbally, a player still shows misbehavior, he may be excluded from the tournament. Such an important decision is made only in extreme cases, and both referees and organizers must agree to the exclusion.

6.8.4 Given cards

If a player was given a yellow or red card, it will be said here.

If you think a player is misbehaving, please report it to the referee or organizers.

6.9 Chatting ingame

You can (but not obliged) use /teamchat during game. See Chatting section for more info.

If you use STK git version updated on May 8 or later, there is a special colored button during the game to send the message to your team only. However, a simple Enter still produces a public message. Anyway, if the server uses a fork of kimden/stk-code (Frankfurt and Bretagne both use) updated on May 12 or later, you can still use either /teamchat or colored button. Note that this button doesn't work in lobby.

There are some technical differences between these two methods which probably can make colored button better in servers that allow multiplayer, but anyway tournament players definitely use different IPs so it's only a matter of convenience. If you are not ok with pressing with mouse, you can still use /teamchat and nothing changes.

7. Polls

7.1 Maps choice

As we will play at least one game per match on an addon map, please choose which arenas you would like to play.

Maps for tournament (poll)
SuperTuxKart Username Icy Egy
Zen Cos
F 1
F 2
F 3
epic ni66a         

7.2 At which days and time can you play?

Just a poll to propose better dates. If you have something to add about this topic, make sure to use the “Discussions” part and the Chat.

Days and Hours (poll)
SuperTuxKart Username Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 15H UTC 16H UTC 17H UTC 18H UTC

7.3 Server choice

This is not choosing between “all games here” or “all games there”, just a feedback to consider, so that for example we can know if we are able to host 2 matches simultaneously.

Your opinion on Frankfurt matches
SuperTuxKart Username I am ok with that I have pretty frequent lags I have severe problems (please elaborate)
Your opinion on Bretagne matches
SuperTuxKart Username I am ok with that I have pretty frequent lags I have severe problems (please elaborate) I don't like Bretagne

8. Prediction game

I created a kind of prediction game for the tournament. You can type the exact result in games for each match, e.g. at 9-9 8-9 10-9 you have to enter 2-2. You can also guess who wins the tournament. There are points for the correct tendency (win, draw, loss) and additional points for the exact result. Link to the prediction game:

9. Tables

Here you can find different sorts of tables.

9.1 Calculation

How the table is calculated:

  • 1) Points: How many points a team won (points = 2:0 for win; 0:2 for loss; 1:1 for tie).
  • 2) Games: How the game difference is (Games = 2:2, 3:1 etc).
  • 3) Goals: How the goal difference is (Goals = 8:8, 10:5 etc).
  • 4) Direct comparison: Who won the game between two teams that are the same in all other respects.

9.2 Current table

Rank Team Points Games Goals
1 A 8:2 (+6) 12:4 (+8) 153:102 (+51)
2 F 6:4 (+2) 9:6 (+3) 107:95 (+12)
3 E 6:4 (+2) 8:7 (+1) 101:112 (-11)
4 B 4:6 (-2) 7:8 (-1) 104:104 (+0)
5 D 4:6 (-2) 6:10 (-4) 85:99 (-14)
6 C 2:8 (-6) 4:11 (-7) 75:118 (-43)

9.3 Crosstab

Team A B C D E F Points Games
A X 1:2 2:1 3:1 3:0 3:0 8:2 (+6) 12:4 (+8)
B 2:1 X 3:0 0:3 1:2 1:2 4:6 (-2) 7:8 (-1)
C 1:2 0:3 X 3:0 0:3 0:3 2:8 (-6) 4:11 (-7)
D 1:3 3:0 0:3 X 2:1 0:3 4:6 (-2) 6:10 (-4)
E 0:3 2:1 3:0 1:2 X 2:1 6:4 (+2) 8:7 (+1)
F 0:3 2:1 3:0 3:0 1:2 X 6:4 (+2) 9:6 (+3)

9.4 Player rankings

Different types of player rankings. Anyway, most of them have no clear formula, and others can be easily calculated wrongly, lol. So this can mean something or not.

Edit: 9.4.2 and 9.4.3 promotes better teamwork and are possible measure for a ranking in future versions of SuperTuxKart, contributions on these lists are welcome.

9.4.1 Scorers List

This ranking shows which player has scored how many goals.

RankName (Team)Number of goals
1.monk (A)55
2.shamuei (D)32
3.bananenfisch (A)28
4.rOml (C)26
5.Ubuntu-Spieler (B)22
6.CrystalTheEevee (E)20
7.remihb (F)17
8.bodicelu (F)16
9.TheRocker (E)16
10.Isnogood (D)14

(kimden: still wrong but maybe we recalculate it later)

9.4.2 Best Defenders List

This ranking shows which player has shown the best defence.

  • 1. qxel - x shots stopped
  • 2. CrystalTheEevee - y shots stopped
  • 3. …

9.4.3 Clean teamwork mentions

  • 1. qxel - x pass given, y pass received
  • 2. …

9.4.4 Player rankings system

10. Chat

To use chat on this page:

  • Log in.
  • Look at the number aside chat button. This is the number of users connected to the chatroom.
  • Click on the chat button.

11. Leave a comment here for new discussions

FabianF, 2020/04/23 09:22, 2020/04/23 12:52

New Ideas

In our Discord Server we get ideas how to improve the tournament maybe. Everyone who is NOT there, can either join and go to the #vote channel or answers here what he thinks about the ideas.

I'll update this discussion from time to time, make sure to look here sometimes to see what new ideas we've got. If you have any ideas how to improve the tournament, make sure to tell me either via Discord or here.

1) We should not play on Icy Field only, but also on a few addon arenas.

1a) I was thinking of something like 1st and 3rd game are Icy and 2nd one is on a good Addon map (Egypt, Cosmic, Zen ⇒ This can variate depending in which addons everyone has and likes.)

2) We should play with time limit instead of goal limit.

2a) In that spirit time limit could be on one game (2nd one) too, and the other ones are goal limit.

shamuei, 2020/04/23 14:45, 2020/04/23 14:46

let play time limit (maybe 2 times for 15 or 10 min) and add a points system. win - 3 points, lose - 0, draw - 1 point.

outchoutchou, 2020/04/23 16:53

Nice, finally a clear ranking system.

Time limit is the best choice for players that have a time limit to play. 8-O It is sad to penalize people that have responsibilities.

bodicelu, 2020/04/23 21:58

I think most correct is two halfs of 10'. So 10' one color, then change color and play another 10' half. And sum the goals.

bodicelu, 2020/04/23 22:01, 2020/04/24 22:37

And points, 2 for victory, 1 for even, 0 for loose.

shamuei, 2020/04/26 17:01

why 2 for win? maybe 3?

ThRocker, 2020/04/27 11:05

3 points for victory as always in soccer

ThRocker, 2020/04/27 11:06

Edit:Exp Field 3 is missing in the table above. It is much better than Field 1 and 2 (especially the colors).

FabianF, 2020/04/27 15:03

Teams were generated. We also can now start scheduling matches. Good luck, have fun everyone!

bodicelu, 2020/04/27 23:09

That 3 match per game will be considered as separate games or as reprises? I think as reprises. So a score of (10-8); (2-3); (5-6) mean draw.

kimden, 2020/04/28 01:20

as i understand now, games are separate but counted only in this match, this means your example has one win and two losses, so it's loss

no one wants clarifies me so i guess this is intended

FabianF, 2020/04/28 07:34

Yes. It's 1-2.

FromOldWorld, 2020/05/04 10:22

Please add STK HK #3 Soccer Server, those people from the eastern hemisphere (old world) cannot compete due to large ping.

kimden, 2020/05/04 18:05

Not that this requires many words, I just wanted to write too much.

1. Currently we don't have many players (in STK overall too) from Asia/Pacific, and the current tournament players seem to be satisfied with existing servers. Moreover, most players are from Europe, and while we want to provide the best possible experience, Europeans can have a “bad ping” in Asia too. Still, we'll be glad to see players from this part of world, so join!

2. A bit off-topic, but: ping is actually not the main issue, one can play STK with 300ms ping and still win races against players who have a normal ping, and have a pretty controllable kart. Not sure about soccer though. Packet loss aka jitter is the thing destroying the game: you can have 20ms ping but enormous packet loss can force you to quit.

3. Even if there was a need in an Asian server, I am not sure at all that HK STK server owner agrees to host that. Firstly, there are already 7 servers, and hosting another one is probably too much. Secondly, we recently developed a custom version of STK to do some actions in the tournament automatically, and having two versions of STK at once isn't a good thing. By the way, you probably meant HK STK #4 instead of #3 which is a racing server.

4. Basically one doesn't need too much money and time to quickly install an STK server for a short time period in any part of the world that has internet and not much bureaucracy. But again, probably the best option is considering this when there are players.

outchoutchou, 2020/05/05 20:54, 2020/05/06 11:00

3 matches in a row is the best way to loose motivation. Same for stopping in middle of match, unclear start in middle in match, + a 4th random match timed on the duration of the pause are the hammer on the anvil (when you want or need to leave the match).

kimden, 2020/05/05 22:35

and what can be done better except of the pause? also why random

outchoutchou, 2020/05/06 10:56, 2020/05/06 10:59

Sorry about the “random” mention. About pause times, it is just hard to guess when the game stop and go back, just saying “Stop” (anybody can say that) or “Start”.

This is a pause time, everybody can decide to take water or close eyes to rest a little.

During this time of match restarting, some players change position and take advantage on others that just want to be sure everybody is ready.

Maybe adding a countdown of 10 or 20 second (and a notice to take back position) before start could solve that.

About extra match to have the right playing time, i was just frustrated of playing a dummy match after a defeat.

kimden, 2020/05/06 11:29

I'd be glad to make that as you suggest, but I'm not sure I can. I cannot even add time to match or change its length before… not speaking about some in-game actions. -_-

elvirolo, 2020/05/07 20:40, 2020/05/07 20:41

I'd like to apologise for missing the match yesterday. I have no excuse, I simply got the dates mixed up. I know how irritating and annoying it can be (and it so happens that I'm actually a very punctual person and absolutely hate it when people are late or don't show up). Thanks a lot to Courbe for replacing me.

FabianF, 2020/05/08 09:06

Happens. Courbe did his job quite good. ;-) Also, it might have been a bit confusing that you had two matches in two days, so I can understand you got dates mixed up.

bodicelu, 2020/05/12 16:43

I want to discusse about players lag. I think is not normal to stop the match and suffer all players if one player have lag (because he/she had a bad connection or his/her pc make aditional tasks in background). Romel has a week connection and play without complains. I think the match need to stop when the server has lag and 50%+1 from players complain about that.

kimden, 2020/05/12 21:35

We cannot know whether players are responsible towards their lag and do not abuse others' game deliberately this way. We can only hope this is the case. But we can make a poll for sure.

Hyd3L, 2020/05/14 23:06

Hello there!

Finally I joined :) Tell me please, how can I subscribe as substitute player?

FabianF, 2020/05/15 06:56

Heya! Nice to see some more people interested! =)
To register as substitute, you need to be logged in, then you should be able to see a button “Edit” under the list of substitute players. When you click “Edit”, you should be able to type your name.
To PLAY as substitute player, you should be on the servers at any matches, and if someone is missing, you can substitute the missing player. ;-)

Hyd3L, 2020/05/15 11:22

Thanks! I've subscribed and voted the polls :)

FabianF, 2020/05/15 14:19

Nice! I hope you'll play in the next tournament as well when registrations are opened ;-)

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